Cherokee Park Neighborhood Conservation Overlay


Neighborhood Conservation Zoning (NCZ) is a tool to preserve and protect Nashville's historic neighborhoods and architectural heritage.  Cherokee Park has been a NCZ district since 2000, and as of November 2006 is one of 22 such districts in Nashville.  Several additional neighborhoods are in the process of adopting Neighborhood Conservation Zoning.  NCZ guidelines specific to each neighborhood are created jointly by that neighborhood and the Metro Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC). 

NCZ applies only when an owner is planning to:

  • DEMOLISH a building or part of the exterior of a building,

  • CONSTRUCT a new building,

  • MOVE a building, or

  • ADD to a building if it increases the habitable space or height of the building  

If a homeowner plans to make any of the above changes, plans are reviewed and a preservation permit is required in addition to a regular building permit.  The preservation permit is issued by the MHZC.  There is no fee for this permit, and MHZC staff members can provide free architectural guidance to assure that the proposed plans meet NCZ guidelines.  From August 2000 when Cherokee Park became a NCZ district through September 2011, more than 100 preservation permits have been issued in our neighborhood.

Neighborhood Conservation Zoning is not "Historic Preservation Zoning," Nashville's other (and more restrictive) form of historic zoning.  

  • NCZ does not require owners to repair or alter their homes.

  • NCZ does not apply to interior changes in a building.

  • NCZ does not apply to decks, fences, walkways, paint color, or the replacement of roofs, gutters, siding, doors and windows.

NCZ guidelines may be amended within the parameters of the Department of Interior design standards for the rehabilitation of historic properties.  The NCZ guidelines for Cherokee Park have been amended once (in July 2006).  

NCZ provides a layer of protection from institutional encroachment and certain other new development.  Other conservation zoning districts in Nashville include Belle Meade Links Triangle, Belmont Hillsboro neighborhood, Hillsboro West End neighborhood, Richland West End neighborhood, Woodlawn West neighborhood (next to Montgomery Bell Academy), and others. 
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